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Join other sales reps to gather high quality leads that will help you close deals faster. LeadNinja’s platform provides a fast and free way to request introductions and swap leads so you can focus on selling.


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You’re a modern enterprise sales rep. We know how busy you are. It’s unlikely you have the time to wait for traditional nurturing campaigns to trickle leads down to you. Your pipeline needs to be filled now, and your quota needs to be met yesterday. But, as a sales rep, you have a lot on your side. You’re like a ninja: stealthy, practical, methodical, and agile. Most importantly, you know what you want and you have the skills to get it. Now with LeadNinja’s Social Selling platform, for the first time ever, you have the tools to do what you do best: Network, sell, and find leads.
From Twitter
  • LeadNinja is much more effective than prospecting and cold calling. This tool helped me get a warm introduction into a company that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to connect with.
    Zaid Ramadan
    Account Manager